Honda Cars are a familiar sight to generations of people. Honda has proven their worth in this game. Because all the senior BHPians and experts would have posted 1000s of photos, I thought it would be a good idea to share my review with a few pictures.


Honda City 5th Gen

  • Model: May 2021
  • Color: Metallic Golden Brown
  • Variant VX CVT (Continuously variable transmission).
  • Dealer: Dakshin Honda, Bangalore

Options considered None.

My impressions:


  • Elegant, sporty, or classy design.
  • After 2 decades, DOHC layout added 2 more BHP
  • High quality interiors and spacious cabins.
  • Partial Digital Cluster with GMeter and DTE, IC, Tyre Deflation Status & Many More
  • Honda’s safety first value proposition is excellent – VSA and Airbags, TDFS and VSA, HHA
  • Sunroof available for VX-model
  • 16-inch Spare alloy
  • Information system – Although the display could have been better, it was still a great experience.
  • Engine guard
  • Auto dimming mirror
  • Beautifully designed seats – Feels premium, comfortable
  • No interior dashboard/ door noise
  • Powered by technology – Alexa and Honda Connect apps loaded with features such as Find my car, trip log, booking service, etc.


  • No wireless charging or ventilated seating
  • Poor reverse camera
  • Limited Alexa functionality
  • Very light weight
  • Sometimes engine cacophony (Verna Petrol Automatic seems less refined to me). Insulation could be improved
  • Bridgestone Ecopia tyres – Ultra crap
  • Low 165mm GC
  • If you exceed 80 km/h, you will get an annoying alarm

What would have been a good price for this range?

  • Wireless charging and ventilated seats
  • 1.5L Turbo engine producing at least 20 Km of torque. (If Honda offers this option, the price would be Rs 25 Lakhs).
  • Strong body
  • 195 tyres
  • System for monitoring the pressure of your tires with PSI reading.

Driving Impressions:

Due to the rising petrol prices (Special thanks our government), fuel efficiency has become a priority. I am able to get between 8.5 and 10 km/l in Bangalore city driving condition (80% City/Drive mode & 20% Eco mode based traffic conditions). It will be a long drive. I was able to get a modest drive on NICE Road, covering 50 km, with 18.5 km/l fuel efficiency. The paddle shifters in ‘Sports’ mode were used, maintaining speeds between 100 and 120 km/h. Fuel efficiency figures are based on MID. Cruise mode was turned ON intermittently. I use Nitrogen 32 front and 31 back.

The new Honda City was smoother to drive with excellent power delivery at all speeds. However, the turbo component is missing. The Honda City’s previous generation model is faster at taking over than the new one. Perhaps the DOHC layout gives enough power. Personally, I liked the sporty sound at higher rpms. Honda should have increased torque by about 2 to 3 kgm for better cruising. The 185-section tyres don’t give you the confidence to corner well. Although Honda claims to have soft suspensions, I find it stiffer than the Honda Citys. The steering response is more responsive than that of the Hyundai Verna, which is its closest competitor.

The car is able to handle minor bumps and potholes well. Honda is very concerned about GC. ROGER AB suspension buffer may help. It is something I will have to test out.

The confidence that a driver has in their ability to brake is directly related to how confident they are, especially on highway driving. Honda should improve this aspect. I noticed puffiness when applying brakes. It is important to inspect it at the first service.

Accessories in showroom:

  • Rear bumper centre garnish – 3699
  • Front bumper centre garnish – 2599
  • Window chrome molding – 3099
  • Rain visor with chrome-lined lining – 4500
  • Basic accessories with Pathetic Mats, which I received free of charge; I disposed it the next day.

Accessories for outside:

Epona Lifestyle offers Stanley Touch Classic leather seats that can be made to order. The Stanley leather is on the body where it comes in contact with the sides or back. There is no difference in the colour. It is custom-made and beautifully tailored. The Stanley touch leather is used for the trim on the dashboard, doors, and armrests. All this for only 30K. It is unacceptable to use non-OEM seats. This looks awful for a car this premium in its class. TurtleWax Luxe leather cleaner was purchased by me and it did the job flawlessly. Spray and wipe with Micro Fibre cloth. All you have to do is spray and wipe with Micro Fibre cloth.

Buy 3d Beige Kagu mats in Konark for 8k – The House of Car Accessories. I bought old gen Honda city mats. It fits perfectly and has a premium feel.


It’s technologically superior than any other car in its segment. However, Hyundai is far more adept at technology transformation. Hyundai changes cars technology faster than the software regression test automation suite suite upgrade.

Honda City Alexa is both fun and useful. You can ask Alexa for the engine and air conditioning to be started, especially during summer. Honda Connect App is also a great app that allows you to book service, track your car, complete trips, driving score and check the status of your car.

One funny thing about salesmen is their inability to understand how Alexa works. I asked them how to set it up and they replied, “Sir, you must have an Alexa Echo device.” The device connects to Honda and the car. Then, I asked them if they could turn off the device or if the WIFI was turned off. It should always be ON, they said. Lol. They laughed when I offered to show them the tech document. They were apologetic and said that the dealership doesn’t mentor or train us. Lol. It’s funny to see technical incompetents selling premium cars.

Dealership experience:

Goods: Fast delivery, discounts on accessories, quicker loan processing, accessories registration. Zero Dep insurance was available outside of my home for only 37K, whereas the dealer had quoted 52K.

The odds are in your favor: Salesmen with Alexa abilities. Lol.

Let me conclude. I would love to hear your comments. I would love to hear your thoughts and hope that you enjoy safe and responsible driving.

I do have a few questions. I need expert opinion:

  • There are three types of engine oils available from Honda: Synthetic, Mineral and Synthetic 2.0. Which one is best? Is it okay to change the oil after 3000km to prevent mirroring? I asked the service men – some said Mineral, some Synthetic.
  • Roger AB buffer would Roger be a good option? It increases GC, but may also cause painful butt-bumps
  • Do you need a K&N or BMC filter?
  • Philips or Osram Headlights If yes, what model? I don’t want my electricals to be changed.
  • Is it heavy to have 195 tyres? Is it affecting FE?

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