Hondas are a good investment. You’ll likely be making smart investments in terms of fuel economy, reliability and resale values. The Japanese automaker has been making exceptional vehicles for almost seven decades. Since its inception, it has won numerous awards and topped the charts in nearly every category.

Honda has a wide range of vehicles, from sporty sports cars to spacious minivans. This means that you should not have any difficulty finding what you need. Even the cheapest models can feel luxurious due to their industry-leading innovation and technology. Honda is a top brand, and customers will not be disappointed whether they buy new or used.

Why buy a Honda?

  1. Winner of the Award. Honda Motor Company has won more Car and Driver Top Maker Awards than any other company. This honour has been awarded 80 times by Honda Motor Company, more than twice the number of Toyota’s 38 second-place finish. The Civic, Fit and Accord have been on the “10 Best Cars” list many times. This incredible feat has been achieved by the Honda Accord 27 times! The Pilot and Odyssey have also been named to the “10 Best Truck” lists 7 times and 6 times, respectively. Honda has received numerous awards beyond Car and Driver. These include the “Best Buy Award”, Greenest Automaker”, Best Overall Non-luxury Brand”, and “Top Safety Pick”.
  2. Resale value. Honda is a great choice for keeping its value. Several models have received the ALG Residual Value Award and the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Award, including the Accord, Civic, Accord and CR-V.
  3. Reliability. Honda is synonymous with quality and dependability. Honda has been awarded the “Most Trusted Brand Award”, and many models are ranked at the top by consumer reports for their reliability and craftsmanship. J.D. Power Award for vehicle dependability was won by the Crosstour 2010. The Crosstour 2010 won the J.D. Power award for vehicle reliability, and a customer survey ranked the manufacturer as number one in reliability for eight consecutive years. Hondas are made to last, and there are many Hondas on the used market to prove it.
  4. Fuel efficient. Honda is a leader in the industry when it comes to making fuel-efficient vehicles. Many models get 30+ MPG highway, while Honda boasts an average of 25 MPG off-highway and city driving. Honda offers a wide range of hybrid models that offer even greater fuel economy.
  5. Environmentally friendly. Honda has been honoured for making America’s greenest vehicles for over 15 years and has received many awards for its commitment to the environment. Honda strives to ensure that its manufacturing plants are just as eco-friendly as their cars.
  6. Affordable. Honda offers excellent quality at a low price, at least when compared with other vehicles of the same class. Honda strives for vehicles that are comparable or better than its competitors while keeping the cost within reach of the average family. Honda’s are often less costly to maintain and repair, making them even more attractive.
  7. Customer Satisfaction. Honda won many Polk Loyalty Awards in the categories of a compact car (Civic) and compact SUV(CR-V). This manufacturer is the most loyal of all brands, which shows that Honda owners are extremely happy with their cars. Honda has shown that it is able to create what customers want and is a true success story.
  8. Safety. Honda is proud of its state-of-the-art safety features. Many of their vehicles have consistently earned top safety ratings. While the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top picks is the Odyssey and Civic, all models rank amongst the best in their class.
  9. Style. Although Honda has a strong focus on safety and technology, they also recognize the value of aesthetic appeal and added luxuries. Modern and current designs allow them to compete with high-end luxury vehicles. These larger models have a smaller footprint rather than being bulky and heavy. This allows for better handling and manoeuvrability. However, they also offer a premium ride and feel. You can still enjoy the driving experience, even if your budget is tight, by purchasing lower-priced models with fun bells, whistles, and other features.

Honda is a great choice if you’re looking for a new or used vehicle. Honda’s reliability and high resale values will make your investment last a long time. No matter what model you choose, your vehicle should provide years of enjoyment and reliable service.

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