Trends are a common feature of every industry. The way businesses function is affected by new technology. Customer preferences and many other factors will influence the future direction of the business. Trends are crucial in the auto industry. Every manufacturer strives to stay ahead of them.

Radical Designs will soon be the norm.

Two vehicles have been launched in the auto industry’s last few months. They are the Tesla Cybertruck (and the all-electric Ford Mustang). The first utility vehicle that Elon Musk’s luxury brand, Tesla, designed and launched was the Cybertruck. It received mixed reviews. Although it looks a lot like a child drawing a car, the Cybertruck is a marvel of technology at a very affordable price. The Cybertruck was able to get more than 250,000 preorders due to the media attention it received. It’s coming soon to roads near you, whether you like it.

Ford Motor Company made a controversial announcement with the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. This all-electric Mustang sports car is the latest addition to the long-standing Mustang line. This new model features attractive technology such as a time to zero-60 of just three and a quarter seconds and a maximum range of 300 miles when in full-time rear-wheel-drive mode.

This car is unique in that it shares very little with its siblings. This vehicle is the first to be built without a gasoline engine. It has four doors and can seat five people. The design is more like a family crossover SUV rather than a two-door sports coupe. Mustang enthusiasts and automotive geeks have condemned the decision to place the iconic pony badge on this vehicle as an insult to one of America’s most beloved brands. Ford expects that the vehicle will attract new customers, but Ford believes in the same principle “bad press is better than no press”.

Self-Driving Technology

The advancement and development of self-driving technology continue to accelerate. We have seen Uber, Tesla, and many other companies develop technology for autonomous driving. The results have been impressive, and the safety record is excellent. But, the company does not claim its self-driving tech is perfected and reliable.

It will take some time for the average consumer to accept autonomous driving technology as part of their daily lives, even if that happens. Technology can and does fail. Even a minor failure could lead to catastrophic results for a vehicle travelling at high speeds and carrying passengers. Properly operating autonomous vehicles removes the most dangerous aspect of driving, the human element. Driving could be exponentially safer, more efficient, and faster if humans were removed from the equation. In the next decade, will we see the first fully automated car? It’s possible. It will take a longer and more difficult to convincing the public to accept this technology.

The Colors of the Future Will Return

Next time you pass a car dealership, stop and look at the cars on the lot. You might notice something about the colours. While you may still see some red, blue or green vehicles, the majority of inventory is in black, white or grey. These colours have been very popular in the past ten years. This is due to two reasons: they blend with traffic and don’t draw attention and are generally easy to maintain (for white or grey).

But colours are not the only aspect of design subject to change. Over the next decade, we predict that consumers will demand more colour. You’ll see more reds, blues, yellows and greens on car lots all across the country. You will also see more cars on the roads.

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