Do you feel like your car’s battery is more durable than usual? It’s true! Over the past few years, car battery technology has improved significantly to deliver more reliable power, voltage, and amperage output over a longer time. Furthermore, car batteries are getting better in science and quality. Technology advancements in the automotive sector have also made them more durable.

Big technology and car companies are too aware of lithium-ion batteries’ limitations. While chips and operating systems are becoming more efficient in saving power, we’re still only looking at a day or two of use on a smartphone before having to recharge.

While it may be some time before we get a week’s life out of our phones, development is progressing well. We’ve collected the best battery discoveries that could be with us soon, from over-the-air charging to super-fast 30-second recharging. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing this tech in your gadgets soon.

These are five reasons we get a longer life span from our batteries. Here’s what you can do for your car to have the power it needs.

Better Alternators

The alternators that power them have improved over time, which is why batteries last so long. Today’s alternators are lighter and can produce more power than models made ten years ago. This allows for quicker and more complete charging of your battery. It also means that your battery will last longer thanks to better conditioning and a higher voltage. Our cars have become more dependent on electricity, but our batteries can handle the load better due to improved alternators that convert our engine rotations to usable electricity.

Better Starters

It is much easier to start modern cars. Your engine start is the biggest power drain to your battery. This electric motor draws hundreds of amps to turn the engine and ignite it. Our batteries are less power-intensive, thanks to better starter motors. This means that they last longer and can withstand more stress.

More-Efficient Onboard Systems

Our cars are becoming more efficient in terms of energy efficiency, which is good considering how much they put on our batteries. This is true for both fuel and electricity. LED lighting has become more common. With LED screens replacing traditional LCD or other display technologies and intelligent wiring and connections, cars draw less power. Headlights are the brightest lights in your car. Older lights relied on dimming incandescent bulbs, which required a lot of power to illuminate. Still, modern cars are dependent on efficient LED lighting or HID bulbs, which use much less energy than their predecessors.

Car Battery Testing

Although batteries have seen improvements, they still can and do die. Modern batteries offer a compromise. They are more durable than ever, but they can also fail quickly. You may not realize your battery is dying until it’s too late. Then, you will have a car that won’t start. To ensure your car’s longevity and good health, we recommend that your battery be tested and checked when you bring it in for routine maintenance.

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