It can be more frustrating to ride in traffic than you realize. You deserve congratulations on your new bike. But to continue riding it around the city in the crazy city traffic, you must be aware and safe. India’s traffic can be unpredictable. There will be moments when you aren’t even thinking about getting home, and you can get there. And then there will be other times where you have to think about your home while stuck in traffic. It can be dangerous to ride in traffic. These are 10 tips to make riding in traffic safer for you and your bike.

1. Protect your brakes

You may want to get home as quickly as possible to catch the show you have been watching, so you speed up when you can. This trick is useful when you have to stop to avoid collisions. To reduce the time it takes to break, you can always cover your brakes by placing one or two fingers on the brakes. This will help you to stop quickly and efficiently. This will ensure you stop on time and avoid collisions.

2. Use your thumb

Before turning, always remember to turn on your indicators. It is best to let people know which direction you are going before making a turn. People don’t like to run into people, so if they see you turn the indicator, it will give them an idea of which direction you are heading and help avoid dangerous overtaking. It’s better to push the button hard and change it when necessary than to be unable to ride after an unfortunate collision.

3. Keep to the right (or left) side of the road.

Are you seeing a big jam ahead of you? You see a huge jam ahead of you? You won’t escape the mess if you ride in the middle of the road with the traffic ahead. You can maneuver your bike by staying to the right or left of the road, and you will be able to escape that hell hole.

4. Please take a look at the driver’s eyes or his mirrors.

There is a small distance between you and the car. You want to race through it and avoid being pushed behind the boring driver. Before you make that overtake, please look at the driver’s head and his mirror. If you can see the driver’s head and mirrors, you will determine which direction the car is going.

5. Don’t trust your mirrors.

Mirrors create a blind spot that prevents you from seeing the rider behind you or the driver in front of you. When turning or taking turns, look in your mirror. You can also turn your head to see who is around you. It is difficult to overcome blind spots. The best way to do that is to look around with your eyes.

6. Maintain fair distance

It can be a great idea to keep a fair distance from the car in front of yours. You will be able to stop the red light quickly and avoid any potholes caused by the driver. To help you stop in time and avoid potholes, you should always be at least five metres from the person ahead.

7. Get noticed

It is important to be visible in traffic. Particularly if you ride at night, you could get in trouble if you wear a dark helmet or ride gear. For better night vision, you should make sure to use reflectors on your helmet and riding gear. You will save time and help other drivers see you.

8. Consider where you would like to go.

You can always look at where you want to go. Imagine you are looking ahead at a curve. If you want to give the Moto GP rider in your life a chance, you can look ahead and see where you want to take your bike. This will give you an idea of the terrain ahead and help you decide if you need to move slowly or twist your throttle.

9. Low gear

Low gear allows you to open the throttle and allow you to accelerate through traffic even if there is no one ahead. When you want to pedal around the city, riding in high gear can slow down your bike. You will still get good power, but it will take time before you feel the difference. You will get instant power delivery and quick overtaking if you are in low gear.

10. Signs for hand

You can communicate with others by using physical means to let them know what you’re doing and what you plan on doing. This will help you avoid accidents. If you use hand signals to signal when you will stop or take turns, it will let other people know, and they will be more careful. If you don’t want to speed through traffic and don’t feel the need to do so, you can raise your hand and signal that you will stop and not race away. It will let them know your thoughts and stop you from causing unnecessary havoc.

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