Hondas are reliable and competitive. But it’s something we hear about, but it’s different when we see it in action. What made Honda so unique? The answer was, naturally, obvious.

Honda is a manufacturer that has never failed by chance. Honda has a proven formula that works and can be updated with technological advances. While basic production-line automation remains apart, as it is for most modern carmakers, there is more to the process than meets the eye.

It is impossible to ignore the importance of hard workers, particularly engineers. They have worked tirelessly for Honda over the years in both motorsports and consumer sales. Their reliability and success can’t be attributed to just one factor, but a combination of many factors.

Attention To Detail

Honda doesn’t build their cars by hand. However, they don’t just make them without quality control. A common misconception is that people don’t touch cars during manufacturing. While this may be true for most production, Honda doesn’t allow that to ruin the car.

Specialists and engineers who are human, like specialists and engineers, work hard to improve on things that machines can’t do: attention to detail and a personal attachment to the project’s success. Honda clearly understands the importance of human input in production. This is evident by their strict production rules and an affinity towards precision, focus and attention to detail.

Japanese culture values order, harmony and self-development. It’s easy to see why these values are reflected in their businesses. These philosophies have rewarded both their employees and the vehicles that they create with hard work, enthusiasm, and dependability.

Many Years of Success

Honda has been fighting for the ‘good fight’ since the 1930s. Honda, like Porsche and Ferrari, started out in motorsports. Later, they became production cars. They have been an integral part of the automotive industry around the world since then.

Although you may not agree with Honda’s quality of their daily/affordable cars, it is very difficult to say the exact same thing about them in motorsports. A few years ago, a statement like “Honda makes great engine” would have been met with laughter by Formula 1 fans.

Honda’s performance has shown signs of a return to form today. Spoon and other sports car teams continue to thrive, while Honda’s F1 division powers Red Bull Racing’s RB16 (previously Toro Rosso), AT01 and AlphaTauri’s AT01.

Great engines win hearts (and races)

Honda, like many other large automobile manufacturers, has produced some great vehicles. These include sports cars as well as fuel-savers. Honda’s reliability is not what makes it stand out from other carmakers. It is the engines that make Honda so famous. Although this is a recent trend, Honda is responsible for powering the engines in two Formula 1 cars.

Honda’s 1965 RA272 F1 race car was a landmark. It won the Mexican G.P. The McLaren-Honda team quickly won the race. Their destiny was sealed with McLaren’s aerodynamics and Ayrton Senna at the wheel.

Honda has won many awards since then for its power units. These include the Honda S2000 and Honda/Integra Type R engines, as well as the first-generation NSX and the 2020 Honda Civic Type R. It’s their rock-solid durability and affordability that have made them a classic.


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